This mural celebrates the strength and resilience of immigrant mothers

Mothers are superheroes. In fact, every day should be Mother’s Day, considering that we’re constantly impressed by all the moms, mother figures, and dad-moms out there who help raise kids to take over the world. And while we think breakfast in bed is a no-fail way of telling our moms just how much we appreciate them, we would definitely paint a mural for all the moms out there if we could.

Thankfully, that’s the idea behind a mural in Austin, Texas that’s inspired by the strength and resilience of immigrant mothers.

Austin’s “Poderosas” mural is an homage to the immigrant, and undocumented, mothers who sacrifice so much to give their children a better future. And yes, the mural is based on a real family. According to Remezcla, artist Claudia Aparicio Gamundi was inspired by her friend Rosa for the mural. Rosa, who crossed the Rio Grande into Texas 16 years ago, is a single mother who exemplifies the soul of the mural; she even took Claudia under her wing when she moved to the city and didn’t know anyone.

When Jolt Texas, a nonprofit focusing on Latinx issues, approached Claudia for the mural, she knew Rosa was the perfect person to serve as her muse.

With the “sanctuary” in “sanctuary cities” under threat, this mural serves as a reminder of the bold, beautiful, incredible strength that mothers need to give their children opportunities. Immigrant moms work hard for their children to have opportunities they may not have had (and this is coming from a writer whose mother is a mexican immigrant!).

This mural is a beautiful reminder that love is never to be underestimated.

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