‘The Muppet Show’ is coming back. We repeat, ‘The Muppet Show’ is coming back!

This is the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppet-ational news ever — The Muppet Show is getting a reboot. Step aside all other recently announced TV reboots, because Kermit and the gang are coming through.

ABC and Disney — who own The Muppet Studios, the beautiful creation of puppet genius Jim Henson — just announced that they’re planning to bring the show back for a new generation. They’ve also got someone very important to Muppet history at the helm of it: Bill Prady. If that name sounds at all familiar, it’s because he’s the executive producer of The Big Bang Theory. But before he brought us Sheldon, Leonard and Penny, he worked writing for Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy. Prady’s going to write a brand new script, and if all goes well (I HOPE IT ALL GOES WELL) the show will go straight to series on ABC.


This new Muppet Show will be a spin on the old Muppet Show which originally ran from 1976-1981. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this new show will start off with Kermit and friends gathering together to have a meeting at ABC Studios about making a new Muppet Show (kinda meta, huh?). Only thing is that Miss Piggy refuses to join them because she and Kermie are in a bit of a fight, and ABC won’t start up the show without her. Something tells me she’ll come around to the idea after she sees her name in lights again.

Since the end of The Muppet Show in ’81, the Muppets have returned to the small screen a few times. None of us will ever be able to forget the joy of Muppet Babies (they make their dreams come true!) and there was a short-lived Muppet variety show in the late ’90s called Muppets Tonight. Since then, there have been two successful Muppet movies along with a handful of Muppet TV specials (if anyone wants to talk in-depth about the 1990s The Muppets at Walt Disney World, I’m available). So, it’s not like the Muppets have been completely gone for the last few decades, but the idea of them coming back to TV with their own show is simply BRILLIANT! The Swedish Chef would say this is OKIE-DOKIE. Animal would just yell ANIMAL ANIMAL. And Beeker would go, “meep meep meep.”

It’s hard to pick just one all-encompassing Muppet moment to get everyone excited about this news (if you’re not bursting with excitement already), so let’s just go with the original Muppet Show opening theme. It’s got all our Muppet friends, and we’ve missed you guys so so much. Welcome back.

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