Mumford and Sons’ new song feels like old times (in a good way)

Mumford and Sons promised a more electric album this time around, and a more electric album they delivered. At least, from what we can tell. These past few weeks, the once folksy band has been dropping singles from their new album Wilder Mind (out May 4th) online; first it was “Believe,” and then “The Wolf.” Both rad tunes, with completely different sounds than their twangy, banjo roots we’ve grown used to —some are even comparing Mumford and Sons’ new aesthetic to Coldplay and Snow Patrol, and there’s definitely some truth in this.

But. The band premiered the song “Snake Eyes” today, and to me, it sounds a lot like their old hits off of Sigh No More and Babel. What Consequence of Sound describes as “slow-churning,” “Snake Eyes” starts off like so many Mumford and Sons songs start: leisurely and gentle, like the first few minutes of rain. But a little after a minute, the song speeds up and grows in tension. And with lyrics like, “It’s in the eyes / I can tell, you will always be danger,” it’s no wonder why.

“Snake Eyes” is totally a track totally worth jamming out to this Tuesday. Give it a listen!

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