Multimasking is the newest beauty trend that takes a contouring approach to healthy skin

There’s not a lot we wouldn’t do in the pursuit of healthy-looking skin. When it comes to makeup, recent beauty trends like strobing and clown contouring are both playful and beautiful – who doesn’t love bright colors and sparkles? But we’re huge fans of taking care of your skin on those #makeupfree days, too.

Which is why we are kind of obsessing over the latest craze in dermal pampering: multimasking. Much like clown contouring, multimasking involves covering your face with a variety of creams, using different products that will enhance the different areas of skin on your face. Even though the initial result is part war paint, part panda bear, multimasking makes a ton of sense. Why would you use a blackhead-busting mask on your whole face if you only get backheads on your T-Zone?

It might be kind of fun to just slather on a bunch of masks according to color and texture, but there’s a method to the multi-madness. Dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian explained the benefits of multimasking to Marie Claire and provided a much-needed map to the complicated terrain of the face.

The only downside of multimasking that we can foresee is expense: nice face products can be super pricey. If you’re set on trying the trend but are strapped for cash (you are not alone), maybe travel-sized masks are the answer. In theory, if you are using the stuff on less of your face, you’re using less of the stuff, right?

If you want to get really creative, you could always try DIY face masks.

In the meantime, we’ll just be scrolling through the #multimasking hashtag on Instagram, enjoying the gallery of abstract face art.

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