Get your green thumb on with these multi-use houseplants

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gone from having a few plants to tending a small wilderness. Part of this is necessity; I am now a proud reptile owner, and he needs plants in his habitat. But the other part is less personal; anecdotally, more and more folks seem to be getting into the plant life. false

So let’s say you too are interested in adding some greenery around your apartment. (If you have a full garden, you probably already know your plants. Sincerely, good for you.) Where should you start?

GOOD Magazine put together a list of houseplants with one specific quality: they all have rich histories as folk medicines.

Of course, everybody should treat folk remedies with care. Like all things medicinal, plants and plant stuffs can have unintended bodily interactions. But these are a few recs that we heartily co-sign, and which have some science behind them:

Snake plant

You or someone you love definitely has one of these plants already. They’re hardy, they’re pretty, and they do a bang-up job of purifying air. Other plants with that last ability include peace lilies and money plants.

Lavender plant

While literally any indoor plants will boost people’s moods, lavender scent is particularly popular. Skip the middle man and scoop up one of these beauties for yourself.


Another super fragrant plant, rosemary gets a lot of love for a whole slew of possible health remedies. You probably already eat it pretty often, so why not grow your own for cooking or any other uses?

Read the whole list here, and get planting!