Multi-Transplant Patient Gives Birth to a Miracle

It started with Popcorn Lover’s Day. Then somewhere in between, we acknowledged that everything you think is wrong. Finally, it culminates with the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. What a monumental week!

Need a quick breather from embracing all the luck of the Irish that’s in the air? Cheers to another round of “The Week In WHAT?!

A Miraculous Path to Motherhood

Score one for medicine and women! A Qatari woman who underwent a rare five-organ transplant in 2007 recently delivered a healthy baby girl by cesarean section. The birth, which is reportedly the first documented case of its kind, took place at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital – the same place as the aforementioned transplant surgery. Having terminated a pregnancy shortly after diagnosis of the blood clot that made her transplants necessary, Fatema Al Ansari worried she would never again conceive. Doctors were concerned about her body rejecting the organs or developing an infection, but Al Ansari came through the incredibly high risk pregnancy with flying colors. Talk about a miracle wrapped up in a miracle!

Two Unhappy Meals to Go, Please

You might need a Dramamine for this one. A lawsuit filed in Cook County, Illinois claims that a 3-year-old child found a used condom in the play area of a local McDonald’s. That discovery alone would be gross enough for most customers to digest, but to make matters worse, the child allegedly ATE the condom. The boy and his brother, who were playing together, both received medical treatment following the incident. Now, the mother is seeking $50,000 in damages on three counts of negligence, and all because one couple was “lovin’ it” a little too hard.

Move Over: It’s Moldova!

If you’re looking to nail down some wild last minute spring break plans, you might want to consider a visit to the Republic of Moldova. Why? Because the modestly-sized, landlocked Eastern European nation is now considered the hardest partying country in the world! The designation comes following a World Health Organization report that revealed the average alcohol consumption per capita in Moldova is close to double that of Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy – just to name a few. Who’s ready to get #MoldovaSpringBreak2013 trending?

Not Just Another Dog and Pony Show?

If you’ve ever watched the fourth hour of the Today Show, you’re well aware that there’s probably very few things hosts Hoda and Kathie Lee won’t do or say to entertain. Even when they were broadcasting live from California, the three hour time difference didn’t stop them from enjoying their morning wine, a regular part of the show that the audience has grown to love. Every day has become a “Winesday” of sorts. Still, they wanted their audience to show them a little “Like” on Facebook. So, Kathie Lee got on her knees and begged for “Likes” just as a dog would beg for table scraps. It worked, and to celebrate hitting the 500K fan mark, the ladies donned doggy costumes to start the the following morning’s show. They’re certainly redefining the age-old expression “going to the dogs!”

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

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