Multi-purpose makeup lovers will adore YSL Beauty’s new blush and lipstick duos

Here are just a couple ways to ensure that we will be smitten with a new beauty product: have it be multifunctional and put it in packaging that makes it easy to use and transport. We don’t think it’s asking for much! YSL Beauty knows what’s up, because they just released the Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Duo Stick, and it’s right up our alley! Multiple different uses? Check! Toss in bag and go? Check! Thank the beauty goddesses for this one!

This 2-in-1 beauty comes in several different shades to choose from, and they’re all gorgeous! We can tell they’re feeling pretty confident about this one over at YSL, so we have no doubt it’ll reach cult status ASAP.

The Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Duo Stick is available for $34.

The possibilities are endless with this duo, since you can use it in a ton of versatile ways! Use one shade on your lips and the other on your cheeks for matching makeup that isn’t matchy-matchy. Or blend the colors together for a unique, vibrant color!

All of the shades are playful and bold; it’s impossible to pick our favorite!

From Marrakesh to Paris


The brightest coral and the most intense fuchsia.

From Cute to Devilish


A gentle coral and a warm, rich orange.

From Me to You


A pretty pale rose and a blush pink.

From Darling to Hottie


A neon pink and a raspberry red.

From Prude to Nude


A rosy nude melts and a mocha nude.

From Mild to Spicy


A cherry red and a plum-brown.

Okay, so the names are slightly questionable, but those shades are FIRE!

We love any product that we can use in varied ways, and these high-end duos are absolutely irresistible. You can toss it in your bag and go, knowing that anytime you need a touch-up you’ve practically got a full face of makeup ready to go in a small tube.

Are you smitten by these lovely duos? The application couldn’t be easier! Pop over to YSL Beauty and get one for yourself — you know you want it!

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