Disney has cast Mulan in its live-action remake, and she will bring honor to us all

Awaken the great stone dragon, because we’ve got some big news. Disney just announced that they’ve cast Mulan in their live-action remake of the 1998 classic, Mulan, and it looks to be a pretty perfect casting choice. Say hello to the girl who will save China from the invading Huns, Liu Yifei, who is also known as Crystal Liu.

Liu is no stranger to the big screen, having already appeared in over a dozen movies (both in China and abroad), a handful of TV shows and — ready for this? — she’s a singer. A singer. There’s been back and forth discussion regarding whether the live-action movie would include the iconic Mulan songs like “Reflection,” and “I’ll Make A Man Out of You.” The fact that Liu can sing only adds to speculation that YES, Mulan WILL include songs from the OG animated version, and we will all get down to business to defeat [beat] ? the Huns ?.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, who first announced this casting news, the Chinese public has actually nicknamed Liu “Fairy Sister,” because of her “pure and innocent looks and image.” Yes, if there’s anyone we want to save us from Shan Yu, it’s Liu.


Disney sent a press release announcing the casting that finished with: “Additional announcements regarding Mulan will be made in the coming weeks.” And we’re going to take that to mean they’ve found the perfect Shang, Mushu, and Little Brother.

Also, because now you’re probably thinking about it, you can watch Mulan on Netflix RIGHT THIS INSTANT.