Did You Catch THAT Surprise ‘Mulan’ Cameo? Here’s the Deal

Whooooo is that girl you see?

This post contains spoilers for Disney’s live-action Mulan on Disney+.

The live-action remake of Disney’s Mulan takes a more serious approach to the legendary story of real-life warrior Hua Mulan. Yes, there really are no songs and no Mushu, but if you have a keen eye, you may notice a special nod to the original. Ming-Na Wen, who voiced Mulan from the original 1998 Disney animated version, pops up for a cameo.

If you watch closely in the new 2020 remake, near the end of the film, Yifei Liu’s Mulan is presented to the emperor by an “esteemed guest”: Ming-Na Wen herself.

If her face isn’t clear (the scene is shot from far away) you’ll definitely recognize her by her voice. 

According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ming-Na said “[Director Niki Caro] and [producer Jason Reed] came up with this brilliant idea of this cameo where the animated Mulan is passing the torch to the new Mulan. I thought it was  the exact special Easter egg for all our fans.”

As Ming-Na Wen notes on Instagram, her cameo was a “BIG secret.” “The enormous outpouring of joyful surprise, excitement, and even tears from Mulan fans made all the effort worth it! ?,” she wrote.

Equally symbolic in the scene is her costume, which she said was purposefully made to look as much like animated Mulan as possible—lopsided bun and all! After carrying to name of Mulan for more than 20 years, it was the perfect way for Ming-Na to pass the magic on to this newer, more mature version of the folklore-based story.

Check out the whole live-action Mulan, which is now now available on Disney+ for a one-time fee. 

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