How the “Game of Thrones” intro credits have changed from the first episode to the last

A lot has gone down on Game of Thrones since we first started watching, and this last season alone had some of the most dramatic moments that we are STILL not over.


But while faces and places come and go on Thrones, we can always rely on the intro credits to help give us our bearings. Here’s a look at the very first time we saw the Game of Thrones intro in “Winter is Coming” vs. the very last time we’ve seen it in “The Winds of Winter.”

At first, the difference doesn’t seem that big.


Mainly, we just see different actor’s names, but that changes per episode based on who’s in it anyway.

But then it doesn’t take very long before things begin to get out-of-sync.


That’s cool, we get it. The intro has to start moving a little “faster” in Season 6 in order to make room for all the other locations and houses ~in play~.

The Season 1 intro took its sweet-ass time getting to Winterfell back in the day, but in Season 6 it’s like, “oh no, we got SHIT to cover” and they head immediately to “The Twins.”


The seat of House Frey, which we’re guessing won’t be seeing in Season 7 thanks to Arya’s handywork.

The Season 6 intro does more or less catch up to Season 1’s intro, while on Winterfell…


Loving the ~old~ Stark sigil back on Winterfell where it should be.

…but by the time we get to The Wall, things begin to get trimmed again.



When we head across the Narrow Sea, we’re reminded of Dany’s journey from Pentos in Season 1 to Meereen in Season 6.


And, you know, ALL THE CRAP that’s happened in between.

And this is pretty much where the credits in Season 1 end, but the Season 6 credits carry on to Dorne.


We’re assuming this won’t change in Season 7 either, since Olenna is getting down to biz-nas with Ellaria Sand and her snakes.

But is this why our Thrones episodes keep feeling shorter, and shorter?! Because the credits are getting longer?


I mean, we all love the intro credits, but like, if this means less ACTUAL show time…


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