Chrissy Metz clapped back when body shamers criticized her red latex dress at the MTV Movie & TV Awards

At last night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, the cast of This is Us had plenty to celebrate, unsurprisingly winning the Tearjerker Award and walking the red carpet together. But star Chrissy Metz was forced to hit back at body shamers on Twitter who criticized her beautiful red latex dress, and she had the best response to her online haters.

Chrissy is an outspoken activist for body positivity, and has made clear she’s not here for celebrity body shaming. We’re so thankful for the simple reminder that Chrissy sent out after seeing the hateful comments, sending an important message to fans and followers everywhere about clothes and body acceptance.

Firstly, here was the gorgeous dress:

And here was Chrissy’s brilliant response:

For the record, we thought Chrissy looked stunning, choosing a fun, ruffle-sleeved latex dress in a dark red color. The fun frock was perfect for MTV’s celebration of the best in movies and TV this year. She paired it with embellished flats and kept her jewelry simple, showing off dangling earrings.

It was a big night for her and her costars, and we loved seeing her present an award with her TV dad Milo Ventimiglia. As for the body shamers who came for Chrissy? Her message is one that we should all remember when getting dressed each day — that you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, no matter what.

Yep, it’s true. Your shape or body type has absolutely nothing to do with what you “should” wear. If you feel great in it, wear it. That’s all there is to it. We’re so happy to have people like Chrissy in the public eye to continue spreading this body positive message.

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