This woman makes elaborate meals at work, and we have 11 questions

Our office lunches are usually no more complicated than a Tupperware full of leftovers — if we’re lucky. On a bad day, we can be found eating three bags of Cheez-Its in quick succession and chasing them with LaCroix. That’s why we are so in awe of thisvideo of a woman named Ms Yeah making pizza at work.

The Independent posted the video to their Facebook page on Tuesday. It depicts Ms Yeah setting out a mixing bowl and going to town cooking a complete pizza while at work. She starts out with raw ingredients, dough included, and gets creative with everyday objects to make a full meal. We guarantee you’ve never seen a lightbulb utilized in such a way before. This puts your co-worker who never orders takeout (even on Fridays) to shame!

But it turns out that this office hero isn’t quite so anonymous. According to BuzzFeed, Ms Yeah runs a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the complex meals she makes with office supplies.

Ms Yeah originally posted the pizza video, which she told BuzzFeed was one of her most-requested ever, two months ago. It now has well over two million views on YouTube.

Color us impressed. Even so, we have some questions. For example…

1What do her co-workers think?


According to BuzzFeed, Ms Yeah works at “a creative agency” and her real co-workers can be seen sitting around her while she films. It seems like they know the deal by now, but you’re telling us no one is annoyed when their cubicle-mate starts to flambé fruit?

2Does she keep a small grocery store at her desk?


That’s the only explanation for this.

3Sansa Stark, is that you?


Why yes, she is making dough from scratch while watching Game of Thrones in an open plan office. GOALS.

4How is she going to cook the dough?


Also, peep that makeshift rolling pin.

5Where is she going with this?


Not sure how we feel about a lightbulb from the office supply closet this close to our pizza, but sure.

6But really…what is happening here? And would this even work?


Some of us can’t even make a pre-made frozen pizza in our own ovens, so major props are in order.

7What does a fruit porcupine have to do with any of this?


Probably nothing, but it’s super cute nonetheless.

8Is she taking a shot at work?


But seriously, how does one get a job at this company?

9Is this a safety code violation?


Don’t worry, the alcohol was used just to flambé the dome of bread she’s casually cooking — may we remind you — at work. 

10It was a fruit pizza the whole time?


That explains the…fruit.

11So, who wants to make lunch out of a lightbulb and some fruit tomorrow?


Any takers?