These lost scenes from “Mrs. Doubtfire” are going to wreck you

Sometimes even just THINKING about the late Robin Williams can bring us to tears, so go ahead and get three boxes of tissues for what’s coming next. Even though we thought we’ve seen all of Robin Williams’ best movie moments, there are now two brand new never-before-seen scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire that didn’t make it into the movie. After watching them, that’s probably a good thing, because both of these scenes are absolutely heartbreaking.

The first of the two scenes has Daniel (Williams) showing up at school, to cheer on his daughter Lydia (Lisa Jakub ), who is participating in a spelling-bee. Sitting in the audience, we’ve got mom Miranda (Sally Fields) along with their two other children, Chris (Matthew Lawrence) and Natalie (Mara Wilson). The family tried to save Daniel a seat, but he shows up late, and the seat is taken. Upon seeing that there’s no seat for him, he and Miranda start fighting right in the middle of the audience.

What’s absolutely heart wrenching is that the fight in the audience distracts Lydia, and whether by her own volition or because she’s now so upset watching her parents fight, she messes up the word she’s spelling. Can you hear that? It’s the sound of our hearts SHATTERING.


Once outside the school, Williams gives a little speech to Lydia about how “acting is a job” and that “life’s [should be] more real and wonderful than that.” Daniel cries during the scene, Lydia cries during the scene, suddenly we’re crying, so pause to sob for a second.

The second scene comes right after the infamous dinner scene, where Miranda realizes that Daniel is Mrs. Doubtfire. He returns back to the house, and they have a HUGE yelling argument…and it’s an argument that the kids can clearly her from upstairs.

While the movie is certainly a comedy, Mrs. Doubtfire has some very heavy, real moments. It’s probably for the best that these two scenes didn’t make it into the final version. Watching them now is almost way too much for our little hearts to take — and just makes us miss Williams even more.