13 too-real mistakes you’ve probably made when moving apartments

Moving is stressful, no matter how many people you’ve paid to help you out, and no matter how prepared you really feel. Here are some mistakes we’ve all made when moving from one place to another.

1. You waited until the last few days to actually pack your things.


Because you were like, “Oh, how hard can it be to put a few piles of clothes and DVDs and dishes and myentirelife into a few boxes?” Very hard.

2. You didn’t buy nearly enough boxes because you underestimated how much stuff you actually own (a lot).


And cardboard boxes, as it turns out, are really expensive.

3. You bought furniture without measuring your new apartment.


So you learned the hard way that your king size bed doesn’t fit in your tiny, widdle baby bedroom.

4. When you checked out your apartment, you didn’t make sure you have cellphone service.


And so you had to spend more money on like, three routers so you can make phone calls and load Instagram without wanting to melt into a puddle of infinite sadness and impatience.

5. You didn’t have your mail forwarded right away.


Especially in big cities (like Los Angeles and New York), mail is uh, unpredictable. You need to plan ahead and do your best to make sure that you fill out that mail forwarding form on USPS’s website waaaaay ahead of time.

6. You didn’t call your cable company a couple weeks in advance…and now your new place has no Internet or TV and you are dying a slow death.


Dislike button! Dislike button!

7. Mid-packing things made of glass, you realize you didn’t buy bubble wrap. Mistake.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

8. After the final walk-through, you forgot to get a copy of that paperwork.


And then when your landlord refused to refund your deposit, you had no way or proving that you did no damage to your digs —because you didn’t have the paper that proves you didn’t.

9. You hired a sketch moving company.


If having someone physically carry all your life’s belongings from one home into another seems too cheap, then there’s probably something very, very wrong. Check out the company on Yelp before you book ’em.

10. You didn’t get an estimate from the moving company.


Goodbye, farewell lots of money you didn’t think you would be spending because you didn’t ask.

11. You didn’t take apart that gigantic piece of furniture because you thought it would all be hunky dory to move and then you realized you were very much mistaken.


Gigantic furniture you built IN a room sometimes won’t be able to leave that room (in one piece).

12. You forgot that you’re moving and so you bought two weeks of groceries days before the move.


So maybe you spent a quarter of your paycheck on fresh fruits and veggies only to have to toss half your fridge away the night before your big move. Investing in non-perishables for a week makes life sooo much easier.

13. You didn’t set aside a few paychecks for the whole process.


Goodbye, farewell money. It was nice knowing ye.