These magical, moving “Beauty and the Beast” posters are très magnifique

Ever wanted to know what it would look like if Beauty and the Beast and Harry Potter existed in the same world? Well now we know because these new Beauty and the Beast moving posters are giving us some ~serious~ Harry Potter vibes.

Disney has released a series of ten second videos featuring cast members in character from the highly anticipated film. Not only will these seriously come in handy in GIF-making, it also shows how ridiculously stacked the all-star cast is. From Belle and the Beast to Plumette and Cadenza, each video gives us a serious look at what each actor looks like in character and we are loving it.

Here, Emma Watson looks stunning (and definitely not like Justin Bieber) as Belle.

While we were hoping we would get a motion poster of Dan Stevens in human form, he still looks like the Beast we all know and love.

The more we see him, the more Luke Evans looks exactly like we would have pictured Gaston to look like.

Kevin Kline looks so inquisitive as the inventor (and father to Belle) Maurice.

There’s something both sinister and amazing seeing Josh Gad as LeFou.

Let’s be real, the only person besides Angela Lansbury who could actually pull off Mrs. Potts is definitely Emma Thompson.

Ewan McGregor looks every bit a zany as Lumiere.

Raise your hand if you cannot wait to see Ian McKellen as Cogsworth.

Stanley Tucci is giving us some serious Albert Einstein vibes as Cadenza.

Audra McDonald looks spectacular as Garderobe.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw looks like an actual swan as Plumette.

We’re counting down the days to March 17th because we cannot wait to see these fabulous actors in action when Beauty and the Beast hits the big screen!

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