8 movies that make me say, “I want to go to there.”

One of the comments always made about Sex and the City is how New York itself was the fifth main character. We all know the show would not have been the same had it been shot on a sound stage in Los Angeles. (Sorry Seinfeld, sorry Friends – But don’t worry, we still love you!) Besides the wonderful SATC, there are so many movies that pull this feat off, as well; where the location in which it is filmed becomes such an integral part of the story that it truly is its own character. Below are just eight of those movies that made me say, “I want to go to there”.

8. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Chicago

The land where your entire high school (and town) can adore you. Hacking into the school computer to take a ninth sick day is no big deal. You can impersonate the Sausage King, catch a foul ball at a Cubs game, and dine on pancreas. You can see great art, drive an astronomically expensive car, and sing in a parade. And you can do all of this in less than eight hours with your best friend and your significant other by your side.

7. Clueless – Los Angeles

Or more accurately, Beverly Hills. The clothes, the houses, the cars. . . and did I mention Cher’s revolving closet?! House parties with games like suck and blow, learning to drive on the 405 freeway, “technical” virginity, and an overprotective dad who says things to a prospective date like, “I have a .45 and a shovel. I doubt anyone will miss you.” I really really wanted to go to there and be friends with Cher. And not sporadically.

6. Sabrina – Paris

This movie has two versions: one from 1954, and a remake in 1995. They’re both worth a watch, but the 1995 film has a lot more humor (and it’s in color). Paris is the city where Sabrina grows up and tries to come to terms with her unrequited love. She takes long walks, writes in her journal on the beautiful bridges, and falls in love with herself before sharing the city with the man she loves. As distinct as the romance factor of Paris is made out to be in the movie, it’s more importantly the place where Sabrina develops confidence and comes into her own as an adult woman.

5. Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants – Greece

Actually, forget Greece for a second and let’s all bow our heads for a moment at the utopian place where such a perfectly-fit pair of jeans exists. Ok. Amen. Back to Greece. The water was so blue, the architecture was so gorgeous, and the lead guy in those scenes was very easy on the eyes. Beautiful scenery and gorgeous people. Isn’t that the definition of utopia?

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Hawaii

We’ve all had horrendous breakups. We have not all had the privilege of being able to take a vacation to Hawaii to cope with it. Or to hang out with a gorgeous super cool local there played by Mila Kunis. The resort and the beaches were absolutely breathtaking. And who wouldn’t want to take surf lessons with Paul Rudd? Even if he can’t remember your name?

3. The Birdcage – Miami

The loud, fun, and bright backdrop of Miami perfectly complements the personalities of two of the main characters, played by Nathan Lane and Robin Williams. Everyone is dressed to kill no matter the time of day, the weather is perfect, and it’s all about having fun. All of the the characters in this film are hilarious and fun, including the city of Miami itself.

2. When Harry Met Sally – New York

There are so many films that take place in New York, but not many as iconic as this one. After the initial car ride from Chicago to the city, it’s the backdrop for Harry and Sally to reconnect, disconnect, reconnect, fall in love, and finally end up together. There’s the park, the city streets, change of seasons, museums, delis, restaurants, and bookstores. Everything that makes New York, well, New York. Add a little love to the equation and that’s why there’s no city on earth like it.

1. Sleepless in Seattle – Seattle

Another Meg Ryan gem. She clearly knows how to pick the right city for a love affair. And yes, I know they end up together in New York at the Empire State Building like An Affair To Remember (and now Mindy and Danny! Yay!). But the reason Seattle becomes the additional character here is because it’s where Tom Hanks and his son learn to cope together in their grief. Something about the cloudiness and rare but beautiful sunshine makes it feel like a magical place for second chances.

Which movies make you want to jump inside the screen?

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