Movies that are guaranteed to make anyone ugly cry

You never want to go to the movies and come out with mascara marks running down your face. But let’s be honest, we’ve all been there before. Sure, blame it on the fact that you didn’t realize the plot of the movie beforehand. Blame it on the fact that maybe the movie just hits too close to home. Whatever the case, you sit there, silently sniffling in the darkness, hoping that no one realizes you’re sobbing hysterically, and praying that you can grab a napkin meant for popcorn before the credits role. From now on, let’s all agree to embrace those times when we bawl uncontrollably during any given movie. Because you know, sometimes movies are just plain sad.

Sooner or later, you’re going to come across a movie that hits you with all the feels, and there’s no use holding the waterworks back. If you want to try out your crying endurance, here are 11 movies that will probably make you ugly cry, and I’m really sorry in advance.

Also, SPOILER ALERT. Some super sad endings will be revealed in this list.

1. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

As a rule of thumb, I try to stay away from any sort of movies about humans and dogs. Don’t ask me to sit through Marley & Me, or My Dog Skip, or Old Yeller, because there is only one way those movies can end, and I will NOT be happy with it. So it’s my own fault when I sat down to watch Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (real talk: I was tricked by Richard Gere’s boyish smile). The story is about a professor (Gere) and his incredible bond with his dog, Hachi. Hachi waits at the train station every single day for Gere to return home from work. That is, until Gere has a heart attack and then never comes home. Hachi, however, returns to the trains station every single day to wait for his owner. I’m serious when I say don’t watch this unless you are prepared for gallons of tears. And yes, it’s based on a true story.

2. Little Women

Little Women is one of those movies you watch a lot as a kid because teachers think it’s supposedly “educational.” It most certainly is. But, it’s also an incredibly great movie, adapted from the fabulous book by Louisa May Alcott. As a kid, you might not realize the greater importance of everything happening with the March sisters, but as an adult, prepare for all of your heart-strings to be tugged. From Beth’s death, to their father’s return from war, to Jo realizing that she’s finally going to go after what she wants in life, it is indeed a great movie that will make you cry at least twice, if not more.

3. UP

You would think UP would be a safe movie to sit through and not cry. I mean, there’s a talking dog in it, for pete’s sake! That’s not part of the recipe for sadness. However, Pixar decided to open their Oscar-winning movie with the most beautiful love story montage between our hero Carl and the love of his life, Ellie. And they show their whole life story from their first encounter, to Ellie’s death. It’s four minutes into the movie and already everyone is crying. Every time Carl looks at Ellie’s empty chair in their living room. Tears. Every time Carl fights to make it to Paradise Falls. Tears. When the house finally does make it to Paradise Falls, and Carl returns home with his new friend, Russell. Tears tears tears.

4. Big Fish

Big Fish is the most whimsical Tim Burton movie ever made. It’s still got his classic flair for the unusual, but its got such true heart, too. I also think it’s one of the most beautiful movies ever made, and I start crying when young Ed Bloom, played by a spot-on Ewan McGregor, shows up with the field full of daffodils for his true love. I keep crying right until the end when Ed’s son, Will, carries him into the river, a fitting end for his big story. It’s the prefect mix of storytelling, complete with a little magic realism, and it’s so heartbreaking seeing everyone show up in the end for Ed’s funeral.

5. Toy Story 3

Ok, new rule: animated movies aimed at kids ages 7-12 aren’t allowed to make adults cry. This rule is based on what happened with Toy Story 3. For starters, Andy, the same kid who wrote his name on all his toys, is going off to college and has decided to get rid of his childhood possessions. When you realize that’s a natural part of growing up, you’ll start crying. Fast forward to the end where the toys are suddenly looking into the face of death and none of them have an exit plan so they hold hands to go into the great plastic beyond together. The toys just figured out their own mortality. I mean, just. . .  whoa. And this movie has a ‘G’ rating.

6. Titanic

Titanic is one of those movie you grow up with, and slowly ages like a fine cheese. Obviously we all watched it as young teenagers, and swooned over the love story between Jack (heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (forever gorgeous Kate Winslet). You go into it knowing that the boat is going to sink. You have like, two and a half hours to prep yourself for the fact that the boat is going to sink. Yet, every time, it gets more and more heartbreaking. For me, actually, I don’t really start bawling until the very very end, during Rose’s dream sequence, where she sees Jack waiting on the stairs for her, and he’s surrounded by everyone on the ship, and they kiss, and, hold on, I need a few moments.

7. Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is one of the most iconic characters of our lifetime. The movie is a sprawling love letter to Forrest’s life that is deeply rooted in actual events that took place in history. On top of all of that, it’s a love story between him and his girl, Jenny—and seriously talk about a coast-to-coast everlasting love story. Considering the movie is made up of little anthology stories about Forrest’s life, the one that personally makes me lose it is his bond with Lieutenant Dan.

8. Dead Poet’s Society

If you didn’t cry at Dead Poet’s Society before, you probably will now because Robin Williams is irreplaceable. Like we even need to talk about this more in detail, you’re probably already crying. Oh, captain, my captain!

9. All The Harry Potter Movies

As if Harry Potter didn’t get us crying enough on any given day, let’s go ahead and make eight sprawling movies about the Boy Who Lived. Things don’t really start getting heavy until the fourth book and then on, because that’s when Harry really starts losing those who have grown close to him, and it’s all downhill tears from there. It was one thing reading about Harry’s heart-break in the books; it’s a completely different scenario when it’s played out on-screen in front of us. Then, add the swelling soundtrack that hits all the right notes, it’s a wonder we all routinely binge the films when ABC Family marathons them. Haven’t we learned our lesson??

10. The Princess Bride

You know what? There are a lot of sad movies on this list, and it’s not just heartbreaking movies that can make you cry uncontrollably. Have you ever cried at a movie because you were just so happy with its ending? Perfect example is The Princess Bride. Buttercup and Westley are separated, and yes, he does die for a little bit, but their love is so strong that they’re able to overcome anything. Then, they get their picturesque ride off into the sunset. And if that’s not enough of a burst of warm, fuzzy feelings for you, the film ends with tiny little Fred Savage truly bonding with his grandfather over the shared love of the book. There’s nothing like a good, happy ugly cry.

11. Frozen

You thought you were just getting your regular run-of-the-mill princess movie, huh? Nope. Wrong. In the first act of the movie, Elsa and Anna’s parents meet a sad end on a sea voyage, and the sisters grow apart. This is the first time you’re allowed to start crying. You can keep crying, actually, right up until the end of the movie where spunky Anna, with only the utmost love for her estranged sister, sacrifices her own life to save her. If you have sisters, you cried. Even if you don’t have sisters, you cried thinking about you and your best friend in the same situation.

Even Jon Hamm cried. Probably my favorite .gif set ever.

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