Movies to watch while wedding planning

Wedding planning can be super stressful. Hopefully you’ve got a strong squad who are helping you take care of business. There’s so much to be done when it comes to planning the perfect day, making sure everything goes off without a hitch. In the midst of so much stress, as you create the day of your dreams, it’s important to take some time out for yourself. Making sure you chill whenever possible is important: after all, you’re one of the most important people that’s going to be at that wedding. If you turn up looking tired and stressed, no-one will be happy, especially not you! Some of the best therapy available, that’ll also give you lots of inspiration for your big day, is all the movies there are about weddings. Here are just a few films you should put on while you’re writing your invitations or building your table plan. They’ll remind you why weddings are so magical!

The Wedding Planner

This one should be obvious. Jennifer Lopez plays the infamous wedding planner, able to construct the most perfect day, but unable to hold down a relationship herself. While planning Matthew McConaughey’s big day, sparks fly. Lopez is at her absolute sweetest, and it’ll remind you that love is real and can strike anywhere.

Made Of Honor

Oh, McDreamy, how are you always so dreamy? This underrated rom-com stars Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan, best friends who spend every Sunday together. Dempsey has a rule: never to see the same girl two nights in a row. Monaghan is the exception to this rule, as his bestie and confidante. But when she goes off to Scotland for several months, she gets engaged to Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt from Grey’s Anatomy!), and asks McDreamy to be her Maid of Honor. Lots of laughs ensue, and Dempsey realizes he’s fallen in love with his best friend. But has he left it too late?

27 Dresses

A total Katherine Heigl classic, this rom-com is a staple for anyone picking out bridesmaids dresses. Not only does Heigl’s character have an impressive collection of outfits you can steal ideas from (or not!), she’s torn between two hotties, James Marsden and Edward Burns. Lucky her!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

With a sequel right around the corner, now is the time to revisit where the story all began, when beautiful John Corbett (Aidan from Sex and the City) swept Nia Vardalos off her feet. It’ll remind you of all the reasons having your family involved in your big day is essential, stressful, and ultimately perfect.

Bride Wars

Considered an actual classic in my house, before Bridesmaids made it mainstream to battle it out with your besties over wedding plans, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson went to war as lifelong BFFs having their weddings on the same day. Some epic takedowns occur, as does a surprisingly deep exploration of what marriage means.

The Vow

With a perfect cast – Channing Tatum AND Rachel McAdams – The Vow is not just about the wedding, but the marriage. McAdams wears the most perfect short pink wedding dress in the movie, complete with veil. Total #WeddingDressGoals.

The Wedding Ringer

A cute movie starring Kelly Cuoco as the bride. Husband-to-be Josh Gad realises that he has no male friends to invite to the wedding. He enlists the help of Kevin Hart, professional best man, to do the honors. A comedy that highlights the difficulties the groom faces when wedding planning, and it’s great to get this alternative viewpoint.


Another Jennifer Lopez classic to end the list. After meeting the man of her dreams (Michael Vartan—HELLO!), Lopez then has to contend with his mother. Wedding planning gets a little challenging, but it’ll remind you how to keep your sense of humor when things get a little rough.

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