9 movies you should watch on Netflix that totally get what it’s like being a teenager

Although we’re able to look back at our teen years now with some nostalgia (remember mix CDs?!), you couldn’t pay most of us to time travel and go back to being a teenager again. Which is why it’s much better to watch teenager movies on Netflix that totally sum up the *feel* of being high school aged — without actually having to go through it all again. Much easier.

Being a teenager is tough AF. Your hormones make it so that you often don’t even feel comfortable in your skin — or give you so much acne that you can barely stand to look in the mirror. There are ever changing friendships to navigate and high school hierarchies to figure out. Adults, or anyone older than you, keep telling that you don’t know anything about the world, even though you know you know something. And that’s all the drama you have to put up with that has nothing to do with sex and dealing with the ups and downs of your latest love interest. If you even have one. Whether you were a total social outcast, the most popular kid in the cafeteria, or somewhere in between, being a teenager was no easy feat.

So feel free to make some popcorn, stay in all weekend, and binge watch these nine movies on Netflix that totally get what being a teenager is like. Then feel a little lucky that you don’t have to do all that over again (yet sort of wish that you could).

110 Things I Hate About You


This adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew is a classic. And nothing will beat Heath Ledger’s version of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.”



Whether it’s trying to get booze, impress a girl, or realizing that your bestie is going off to college without you, this movie gets everything right about being a teen.



Sure, this one gets a little surreal and out of control, but nothing says angsty teen like Winona Ryder and Christian Slater’s unlikely friendship — and falling out.



This movie about a 90s-loving geek is funny and heart-wrenching all at the same time. It also features Zoe Kravitz and a great soundtrack. What more do you want?

5Can’t Buy Me Love


Nothing says “teenager” like this ’80s classic. Or a young McDreamy.

6West Coast


Hey, French kids have #teenageprobz, too.

7Adventures in Babysitting


Anyone who’s been stuck with a rat kid and heartbroken all the same time will feel the feels with this ridiculous 1980s movie.

8Brahmin Naman


This Netflix original is about a group of geeks who need to lose their virginity, just like in basically every other teen flick.

9Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging


Georgia just wants a boyfriend and a perfect birthday party. Hilarity ensues.

Clearly, being a teenager isn’t easy. But at least these movies get it. Enjoy your trip down memory lane.

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