10 movies that make us SO hungry

Some movies make you laugh, some movies make you cry, and a select-few movies make you very, very hungry. As someone who enjoys a good snack along with my movies, I find this phenomenon fascinating . . . and delicious! One of my favorite things (this is for real) is to put on It’s Complicated, open a bottle of wine and just let the hours pass.

Okay, that sounds a bit more dramatic than I intended, but there is some good food in that movie and I like to see it on screen. And I like to think about how life would be if I were eating that instead of fried rice and pot stickers from Trader Joe’s.

In addition to It’s Complicated, here are a bunch of other movies that make me wish taste-o-vision existed.

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I mean, come on. As soon as this movie starts, you’re looking at gorgeous images of chocolate. I don’t even like chocolate (and due to some acid-reflux issues, I’m not supposed to eat it), and then I’m immediately STARVING when I see the beginning. And then they go on to lick wallpaper, have everlasting gobstoppers, and eat those giant mushroom-looking things filled with cream, and suddenly I’m Homer Simpson.

2. Bridesmaids

Nothing can quite pull me into a hunger spiral like watching someone bake. Sure, Annie only bakes once in the entirety of Bridesmaids, but it is so delicious to watch that I’m practically drooling thinking about it. The satisfaction she gets from going through all that for one cupcake is only second to the satisfaction I get thinking about eating it myself.

3. Waitress

Another favorite in the Baking Movies-genre is Waitress, where Keri Russell plays a woman who bakes pies based on her mood. The footage of these pies is perfection. Besides the movie being great and heartbreaking, these treats and the waitress outfits just make me want to curl up on a couch with a pie.

4. Chef

I need you to know that I was so hungry after Chef ended, that I hoped an El Jefe food truck was set up outside the theater (Hey! It could happen!). Every single shot of the food cut, washed, prepared and served is drool-inducing.

5. Ratatouille

I’m not gonna lie. If you told me a cartoon rat cooking human food would make me hungry, I’d be a little surprised, and then Templeton would come to mind.

But something magical happens in Ratatouille where the ANIMATED FOOD looks incredible. I legit want to shove as much cartoon food made by a cartoon rat into my mouth as humanly possible. STAT.

6. Julie & Julia

Of course a movie about a woman cooking Julia Child’s recipes is going to make you hungry. But Julie & Julia ALSO makes me feel like I should be cooking all the time, too. Maybe I’m secretly a good chef (I’m not, but I CAN bake). Maybe I can start a cooking blog and have Amy Adams play me in a movie!!!

7. Simply Irresistible

All you need to know about this Sarah Michelle Gellar movie is in the IMDb descriptionA magical crab works wonders for a terrible chef’s culinary skills, leading her towards the man of her dreams.

But when she finally starts cooking that magic food, grab me a spoon! This came out in 1999, at the height of mine and everyone else’s SMG obsession and I was DESPERATE to be her: a terrible chef, who (through magic) gets to be a great chef!

8. Chocolat

Speaking of magic food, Chocolat has magic chocolate. It’s kind of like Footloose but, you know, with chocolate. I CAN tell you that this was a movie I felt slightly awkward watching with my parents back in 2000. It was all a little TOO sexy for me, you know? But man, that chocolate looks GOOD.

9. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I’m drooling thinking about Greek food. They own a diner, they eat constantly and they talk about food all the time. One of my favorite things to say to my friend who is a vegetarian is, “you don’t eat meat? Oh, it’s okay, I make lamb.” I’m not sure she finds it as entertaining, but that and the “bundt cake” scene make me die of laughter and instantly hungry.

10. Marie Antoinette

And finally, Marie Antoinette. The desserts in this movie are out-of-control delicious-looking. Tell me gazing at that picture doesn’t look like some kind of heaven that is beyond your wildest dreams.

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