8 Movies Where Autumn Was Practically a Supporting Character

Is there a more picturesque time than fall? I’m pretty sure there isn’t, and this is probably why so many rom-coms seem to take place in the fall. It’s the perfect season for long, lovely walks under gorgeous trees. I’m also pretty sure New York in the fall might be the prettiest of the pretty, which is probably why there’s an entire movie just called Autumn In New York. Below, that and seven other movies where fall might as well be a character in the film.

1. Autumn In New York

In this movie, New York in the fall is so incredibly pretty that it makes Winona Ryder forget that not only is Richard Gere old enough to be her father, he also dated her mother. That’s some season.

2. When Harry Met Sally

There’s a reason the ‘autumn stroll in Central Park’ scene is on all the posters and DVD covers for this movie.

3. You’ve Got Mail

It would seem that Nora Ephron had a thing for NYC in the fall. Tom Hanks’ character in You’ve Got Mail gets this awesome quote about autumn: “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” It’s a gift that’s both fragrant and useful.

4. Legally Blonde

Fall in Manhattan is great and all, but I can’t make a list of fall movies without giving a shout out to fall in New England, which is incredible for about a month and is then followed by endless months of bitter cold and blizzards. Enjoy wearing that bikini while surrounded by freshly fallen leaves while you can, Elle.

5. Imagine Me And You

Is this not the cutest fall scene? Before Lena Headey played the twisted Cersei Lannister, she was just cuddling up on benches, wearing cute sweaters and drinking what’s probably an Pumpkin Spice Latte with Piper Perabo. Adorbs.

6. Sweet November

Here’s another one where the time of year literally makes it into the title of the movie. The good news is that the pair is more age-appropriate than in Autumn in New York; the bad news is that having a fall-themed title for your movie still means the main female character has a terminal illness.

7.  The Lake House

Keanu Reeves fares better romantically in The Lake House, which seems like a great place to view the autumn leaves, but does not appear to be so awesome for privacy.

8. (500) Days of Summer

Okay, fine, this one isn’t actually, autumn, it’s someone named Autumn. Also, it’s weird that the leaves on the trees turn spring colors after they meet, but this is one of my favorite meet-cute scenes so it makes the list anyway.

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