Here’s four minutes of iconic movie wedding scenes, just because

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Romantic, fun, beautiful — weddings are the best. But of course, in movies they run the spectrum from picture perfect to straight up disaster, and we adore them all.

So we’re really loving this super cut of movie weddings by Burger Fiction, which pulls from every film under the sun to give you a snapshot of cinematic love. Beetlejuice, Napoleon Dynamite, Men in Tights, The Graduate, The Jerk, Shrek, Raising Arizona — literally, all the movies. From the moment the couple makes it down the aisle to the final “I do,” this super cut covers it all in just 4 minutes.

But it being from movies means there’s a whole lot more than some vows being exchanged. We’re talking mishaps at the altar, explosive objections, declarations of love from people other than the couple, and nuptials so awkward, we can’t help but cringe-laugh.

(Image via Youtube)

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