These new movie theater food trends are flat-out insane

The experience of going to the movie theater wouldn’t be whole without the snacks that we inevitably purchase at the concession stand, right? That big bucket of buttery popcorn, the ice-cold soda, the candy… let’s face it, they just make the movie more enjoyable.

So there’s this event called the CinemaCon Convention which happens in Las Vegas every year, designed to celebrate the movie going experience in all its glory. An important part of it (and our favorite part) is the trade show devoted just to food products! Vendors show off their futuristic ideas for movie food and food-related products, and participants stuffs their faces.

Everything began with a flashy red carpet, because of course it did.

Then apparently there were buckets of edamame (what?) and Oreo churros (yum!) circling amongst the 24 different food products included in the trade show. Naturally, every exhibitor received a goodie bag full of awesome stuff to potentially eat while you’re watching a movie. 

We’re not sure about the Fun Dip. That seems like it could get really sticky, and downright impossible to share with a date.

You can’t quite see from this picture, but that red drink on the bottom right is a cherry flavored non-alcoholic drink enhancer – because apparently we’ll be flavoring our soda in the future. THERE ARE NO WORDS.

The candy that has our vote is that red bag of Maltesers. They’re honeycomb chocolate malt balls from the UK that somehow have never made it over to our shores until now. Oh-so-perfect for movie theater food!

If any of these candy items were popular, they could literally be stocked in our local multiplex tomorrow. We’re not sold on the drink enhancer because that just seems unnecessary, but anything chocolate-related is something we need immediately. Sugar coma here we come.

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