Movie posters that don’t quite pass the Photoshop sniff test

With Keira Knightley’s recent, and rad, protest against Photoshopping I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the way that Photoshop works (or sometimes doesn’t). Knightley went topless in a photoshoot with Interview Magazine to show, after years of boob enhancements in images, what her body actually looks like. The small-chested Knightley has undergone endless high-profile Photoshopping alterations — and one of the biggies came on a movie poster for King Arthur that added a few more cup-sizes to Knightley’s thin frame.

But women’s bodies aren’t the only things that get a little alteration from time to time. There are tons of movie posters out there that are just riddled with weirdness. With that in mind, I started thinking a little more about the many examples of hilarious movie poster Photoshopping mayhem. Let’s take a peek at some of the silliest gaffes.

The Internship

Something is a little off here! Perhaps it’s the curvature of the Earth, but it could definitely also be the weird shading happening to everyone’s shadows. What kind of a sunny day was it in Silicon Valley anyway?


Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver have invented a wind machine we’ve all been searching for. Somehow it’s windy where Love Hewitt stands, but five inches behind her with Weaver the air is calm and still. 

The Penthouse

One very important question: What happened to the other half of Shaun Hunter’s torso?

Hit By Lightning

Jon Cryer may or may not be missing an arm.

All About Steve

We’re certain Bradley Cooper’s missing a leg.

Good Luck Chuck

When resting casually upon a woman’s neck, a man’s bicep does not go into auto-flex. Also does it seem like both their heads were added on to other people’s bodies?

The Spy Next Door

If you look very closely, it becomes clear that Jackie Chan has one normal sized leg, and one giant leg.

Knight and Day

Not only does this look like the most uncomfortable position to ride a motorcycle, it doesn’t appear that Cameron Diaz is holding onto anything. Her hand simply disappears into Tom Cruise’s chest.

The Accidental Husband

Not only do a I fear for Uma Thurman’s safety in this situation, but I’m very concerned about Colin Firth’s hands. It appears as if he has having an allergic reaction to something, they’ve swelled to twice their normal size.

The Adjustment Bureau

Simple question: where is Emily Blunt’s other leg? It’s just . . . gone.

Virgin Territory

Instead of missing body parts in this one, there appears to be a surplus of extra knees and feet. Where did they all come from? Where do they all belong? P.S. those feet on the bottom are huge.

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