Some very cool and pretty prints for movie obsessives

Back in the old days, my high school boyfriend used to steal movie posters from the theater where he worked. I had the great fortune of reaping the benefits–once in the form of a six-foot cardboard cutout of Ryan Phillippe (my ultimate ‘90s crush) from 1999’s Cruel Intentions. Though that era is long gone, I’ve been yearning to decorate my walls with some sort of tribute to my movie fandom.

If you’ve been seeking the same, look no further! These colorful interpretations of some of our favorite flicks from Cute Streak Designs are even better than many of their original movie posters! This one of The Big Lebowski  might look rad above your kitchen table. As would this Steel Magnolias-themed print, which beautifully displays the famous quote spoken by sweet southern mama M’Lynn (Sally Field) to her daughter (Julia Roberts) in a truly memorable scene. Let’s hope they make a “My colors are pink and pink!” one next.

The Craft, Princess Bride, Ghost, Sister Act, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch also got the Cute Streak treatment, as well as cult classics, The Fog, Vamp, and a personal favorite of mine, House 2: The Second Story. The only problem now is deciding which one to choose.

Movie-inspired prints by Cute Streak Designs, $30

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