9 movies you can watch on Netflix right now if you love makeovers

Everyone loves a makeover, but sometimes it’s just a lot more fun (and frankly easier) to watch someone else get one. Particularly if you can do it from the comfort of your own sofa.

1. Clueless


With one of the most famous makeovers in recent(ish) film history, Clueless sets the bar high. Watching high school transfer student Tai go from shy alt girl to one of the most popular kids in Beverly Hills will have you dusting off your platforms faster than you can say, “As if!”

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2. Grease


Another iconic movie makeover (involving a transfer student)! Seeing Sandy’s transformation from a prim and proper school girl into a fiery hot Pink Lady just might inspire you to buy a leather jacket.

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3. Anastasia


Okay, so this one is technically an animated makeover, but that doesn’t make it any less glamorous. Watching Anastasia (or Anya) go from pauper to royalty is truly magical…and let’s not forget that puppy.

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4. Can’t Buy Me Love


Way before he was McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey went from zero to hero in this classic “nerd” movie makeover. Consider this one a nice change of pace from the usual female-oriented beauty makeovers.

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5. Heathers


So the cool thing about this “makeover” is that it’s not about Veronica’s looks per se, but about her strength as a person. However, it is worth noting that (thankfully or maybe not thankfully) her shoulder pad-clad “Heather” outfits are gone by the end.

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6. Maid in Manhattan


We get to watch Jennifer Lopez transform from maid to maiden in this modern-day Cinderella story. Sure, the story is riddled with clichés, but it’s all worth it to see a young Ralph Fiennes in peak hotness.

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7. Malena


In this Italian film, Monica Belluci’s character Malena basically gets shunned by the entire town for being beautiful (they spread tons of jealous rumors). Ironically, after her husband and father die, in order to make ends meet, she gives herself an overtly sexy makeover and actually becomes a prostitute.

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8. Legally Blonde


This movie features more of an educational makeover. Seeing Elle Woods go from a directionless college co-ed to superstar legal force-to-be-reckoned-with should inspire us all. Also, you get to learn the “bend and snap”, so…win-win.

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9. Kill Bill (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2)


The “makeover” here isn’t about pretty jewels and dresses, but kicking-butt and, well, bad-ass yellow jumpsuits. Seeing Beatrix Kiddo become Black Mamba is nothing short of brilliant and if you haven’t seen this movie already, do yourself a favor and login to Netflix right now.

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