Move Over, Miley: 10 Reasons We Are Loving Katy Perry Right Now

Something is happening in the air and it’s not just the change of seasons. Katy Perry is hurling a wrecking ball-esque (sorry, Miley!) presence in the social stratosphere. I’ve had friends on the east coast and west coast start asking me “How do you feel about Katy Perry?” In the early days of her career, I would have had to say I really didn’t find her that appealing. I felt as though she was catering towards more of a tween crowd with quick, catchy lyrics and not much behind them. Now, something is happening where me and my fellow 20-somethings are asking ourselves if we still feel the same. The answer: We don’t. We love Katy Perry and here’s why:

1. Eyelashes for Days.

I never knew the magic of artificial lashes until I was in my twenties. It all started with a beautiful psychic named Jill, then became a Halloween essential and now I’m thinking these lashes may even translate into business wear (a la Mary Tyler Moore). Either way, the Katy Perry lashes have me intrigued.

2. Better than the Biebs… oh, and Miley (in my opinion, anyway)!

While it may be a little kooky, opening up that door into the celeb life is rather intriguing. The Part of Me documentary follows the phenomenon of documentaries like the Biebs, Miley and Jonas Brothers. Hey, it must work because Bieber has a second one about to make its rounds. The film really makes us understand why Katy is so likeable. She loves life and she embraces it.

3. VMAs.

Who doesn’t want to rock out Rocky style? After seeing the VMAs, I thought, “Okay, this girl really isn’t messing around.” And if I could do some slick performance in a boxing ring, I’d be all about it.

4. Russell who?

Perry has taken the focus off of her relationship status. Why were we so focused on that, anyway? We’ve basically even forgotten that there ever was a Russell Brand. Her career is seemingly just starting at this point and no one needs to search for the woman behind the man or vice versa. Perry has shown her strength and resilience and most importantly independence. Do I feel a Destiny’s Child collab coming on?

5. Tea parties with Sophia Grace and Rosie.

Sophia Grace and Rosie tea party invitations are true signs of celeb status. Okay, so I know Miley got the invite too, but I’m still in love with this fabulous trio. Let’s all go back to the days of tea parties and tutus. Please and thank you.

6. She looks like Zooey Deschanel.

Okay, worst reason ever, but we wouldn’t hate it if it turned out they were twins separated at birth, right?

7. She’s not pulling any punches.

In her most recent SNL appearance, she held nothing back with two live performances. She did things her own way with a jungle-inspired set similar to her “Roar” music video and a ’90s themed set for the song “Walking on Air”. We don’t feel the need to criticize, because as far as image goes, this chick has been pretty consistent. We can be happy as fans (yes, we’re fans now) that she’s just being Katy. (Yes, that’s another Miley reference.)

8. She’s rocking out with our other homegirls for a great cause.

Being billed as a “Katy Perry and friends” concert, the fabulous show was actually a Katy Perry creation aimed at helping raise funds for young women with breast cancer. Katy Perry has risen like a shining star to be that role model we are all searching for these days. The concert’s all-star line up included Sara Bareilles, Ellie Goulding, Kacey Musgraves, and Tegan & Sara. The acts performed in back-to-back sets and ended with a bang of Katy Perry fireworks. Perry has shown us that there is much more to her than anything that we may have thought. She’s strong and she’s back and better than ever. What’s not to love? Yay, girl power.

9. Inspiration > Pointless Nudity.

Okay, inspirational always wins over pointless nudity. Sorry but it does. After I saw this video, I was really hooked. I love how Katy shares the spotlight with this little girl with autism and performs with her just like a professional artist. You can tell this was a special moment as the girl holds onto Katy at the end of the song.

10. The song “Firework”.

Boom, boom boom,
Even brighter than the moon, moon moon

Enough said.

Peace, love and Katy Perry.

Jenna Palermo is a designer for ESPN creating content for studio and event productions. She is in the process of completing her MFA in Graphic Design and writing original academic and creative works. With her writing partner Brittni Brown, she works on feature screenplays. You can find her latest rants on Twitter.

Featured Image via ShutterStock.