Behold, the new dating site just for Disney lovers

Having moved to a new city with only a handful of previously known humans, my eyes were recently opened to the world of niche dating sites: ALikeWise (bookworms), Farmer’s Only (for, you know, farmers), and now… You know, MouseMingle, the dating site for Disney lovers? Oh, you haven’t heard of it? Well, you’re welcome. Merry early Christmas.

Created by consummate Disney enthusiast Dave Tavres, the site eschews traditional dating site questions for more mousy fare: favorite Disney songs, Disney shopping habits, Disney “nerd level.” Anyone can browse recently posted user photos and it’s free to join. But in order to actually contact “your future Minnie or Mickey” (the site’s unofficial tagline/promise to potential users), there’s a $12.55 monthly member fee. Why that seemingly arbitrary number? Well, the 55 cents are an homage to 1955. If you do not know the significance of 1955 then you don’t belong on MouseMingle, you philistine. 

But okay, since I know you’re all dying to know, 1955 was the year the first Disneyland opened. Cute, right?

Though MouseMingle only debuted yesterday, it already has a surprising number of users, especially for such a specialized site, and coverage from media outlets like E! Online and LA Magazine. Pretty up and coming for a site that caters to people so passionate about Disney that they feel ostracized from other online dating forums. And you know what? It warms the cockles of my cold heart, this odd little community.

So, my little Minnies and Mickeys, you ready for your closeup?

(Images via Disney, Giphy)