The guy who plays The Mountain on “Game of Thrones” has the cutest, tiniest puppy

The Mountain is one of the scariest characters on Game of Thrones. He was already pretty chilling when he was just a normal (albeit gigantic) dude:


And now he’s even scarier as a zombie-fied version of that gigantic, scary dude:


IRL, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the professional bodybuilder/actor/6’7-400-pound human, who plays The Mountain, looks like this:

So, not zombie-servant scary, but still a big, intimidating dude, nonetheless. When Björnsson’s not serving Cersei on Game of Thrones or flexing his many, many muscles at the gym, he’s hanging out with his best friend: his adorable Pomeranian, Asterix. And OMFG they’re the cutest.

Here’s Björnsson introducing Asterix to the world.

Here’s their first BFF selfie, which we’re ALL jealous of.

Here they are about to train, because #gymbuddygoals.

Here they are working out together SO HARD.

Here’s a bath time picture that proves Björnsson is the proudest of puppy dads.

Here are some puppy kisses that would win every time in a Trial by Cuteness.

We’re officially pulling for Asterix to guest-star on Game of Thrones.

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