These motivational tissues will help you through all the feels

I’ve never been so excited about being sad before. If someone could maybe just kick me on the subway or tell me my chocolate chip cookies are the worst, that would be GREAT, because then I’d get to use these “Don’t You Weep!” motivational tissue boxes and experience the magic of them for myself. This idea is so genius I don’t know why we didn’t capitalize on it a bajillion years ago: every single tissue you pull out of the box has a different inspiring quote that is sure to get you through whatever #strugglebus you are experiencing.

Artist Hugo Santos said he came up with the idea after enduring a string of rejections on his work. He channeled all that rejection and reclaimed it with this somewhat ironic work of tissue art. He was very specific in the design, using orange because it is “recognized to symbolize and transmit energy and joy.” They were sold at a pop-up shop a few years ago for 20 tissues a box, but now that we know about them, it’s clear we need them more than ever for several very important reasons:

  1. Mid-terms are upon us, and there is nowhere to hide.
  2. It’s college admissions season, which means emotional upheaval for approximately 25% of the population of all high schools.
  3. Sometimes that sad ad with the puppies and that Sarah McLachlan song comes on and you just. Can’t. Look. Away.

The truth is you never know when and where you’ll be attacked with a spontaneous case of the feels, so it’s best if we just equip the entire human race with some of these bad boys as soon as possible.

I’m not even USING that tissue and I feel oddly reassured. Hugo just gets us. Now if you’ll all excuse me I’ll be needing seventy boxes of these before the final Hunger Games installment gets released, please and thank you.

(Images from here.)