OK, it’s time to take a break and look at motivational quote posters

We’re kind of obsessed with those hilarious faux-motivational posters circulating all over the Interwebz lately. But weirdly, they’ve also left us craving a little motivation in earnest. Like, where are all the really meaningful quotes that inspire you to get off your behind and do something you’re really scared of? Actually, they’re all in frames on people’s walls. MyModernMet introduced us to a new site called Be Happy, that pretty much sells and frames motivational posters. The quotes are actually pretty awesome and we delved into reading them all. Then we moved on to Etsy and various other caverns of the Internet to find inspiration. By the time we finished we were ready to conquer the world, and also ready to buy quote art (so that was a problem). In the meantime, we’ll just hang our favorite motivational one-liners right here:

And lastly, because we all need a little reminder of this:

That’s it. Now carry on about your business.