This bra motivates you to work out. And it’s brilliant.

It’s time for us to add a new definition to the word magic and it’s one that sounds too good to be true: a sports bra that actually encourages you to get your workout on.

Smart apparel company OMsignal recently announced that, this spring, they’ll be releasing something called the OMbra. It took scientists, engineers, and sports bra designers a year to create this smart sports bra, which is backed by a ton of research.

While developing 1,633 prototypes (imagine a room filled with 1,633 bras!) before the final product was unveiled, the company uncovered some facts that helped them on their bra-friendly mission: over 70% of women do not purchase the correct bra size; the way a woman runs can change depending on how her breasts are supported; and straps being uncomfortable is the most common complaint when it comes to sports bras. After acquiring all this knowledge, the OMbra team aimed to alleviate all of those complaints by creating a sports bra unlike any other.

Based on the response to the end result, it seems the bra scientists (repeat, “bra scientists”) have accomplished their goal.

In addition to this new bra being comfortable, adjustable, supportive, and breathable, the OMbra is a technological wonder. It contains a black box-clad sensor (which attaches to the bra’s lower band) tracking your breathing rate, calories burned, heart rate, and other exercise-related measurements. All this info is then wirelessly transmitted to the OMrun, the company’s mobile app that reveals distance, pace, fatigue levels, and breathing rhythm whenever users go for a run.

According to The Verge‘s Lauren Goode, the bra is also comfortable (even with the black, plastic box attachment). She also reveals that the app is quite helpful, since it offers real-time information on one’s estimated recovery time and heart rate zones during a workout.

With all these cool, futuristic features, the OMbra’s price isn’t surprising: $149. If you’re into fitness and exercise on the reg, then this would probably be a worthy investment – especially since it’s been described as, “a bra in perfect tune with its time. The ultimate smart bra.”

To get early access to the OMbra, you can sign up on the company’s website.

[Images via Twitter and YouTube]

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