What to Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day, Based on Her Zodiac Sign

She deserves the perfect gift, after all.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to search for the perfect present. But instead of asking your siblings or looking on the internet to find a gift your mom will love, why not ask an astrologer to find out the best Mother’s Day gift you can give right now?

If you don’t have a connection with an astrologer, don’t sweat it. Below, we tapped our resident astrologer Lisa Stardust to find out which Mother’s Day gift you should give your mom, based on her zodiac sign. While it’s a good idea to look at her sun sign, don’t forget to check out her rising sign, too, to give yourself more options. Because while her sun sign can determine her identity, her rising sign represents her social personality.


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

Alo Warrior Mat

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Due to the fact that Aries have a lot of energy, they need a hobby to help them feel Zen. That’s why Stardust suggests buying your mama a yoga mat or athletic gear, especially if she’s the sporty type of mom.


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

Beautiful Spirit Basket

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Treat your Taurus mom to a bouquet of flowers, since she is likely grounded and prefers traditional presents.


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

'Crying in H mart'

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If your mama is a Gemini, then her mercurial nature will enjoy a new book to sit down with and enjoy. And since May is also Asian American and Pacific Islander month, why not give her a book that tackles the Korean American experience and the mother-daughter relationship, like this one?


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

Women's Plus Size Cozy Robe

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Cancer moms are as nurturing as they get. Stardust suggests to give yours a cozy set of pajamas or a fluffy robe to keep her comfy and warm.


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

Super Mom Mug

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While Leo moms might like the limelight, they also love to receive appreciation from others, which is why Stardust advises giving them a mug “declaring them as the best mom ever.”


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

Mini Pendant

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Virgo moms can be analytical to a fault—but that’s why they can provide advice on everything and anything. To show how much you care for her, too, Stardust suggests giving your mom a pendant that has her initials.


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

Sleep Lavender Bath Salts

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Libra moms deserve the best because they’re so nurturing and thoughtful, especially when it comes to their kids. To help them focus on themselves for once, opt for a “set of luscious creams and bath salts [that they can] decompress with on Mother’s Day,” says Stardust.


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

Mal Ojo Ring

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“The Scorpio mystical millennial mom would like something totally out of the norm,” says Stardust. That’s why you should purchase a handmade witchy ring for the “I’m a cool mom” Scorpio in your life.


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

Seville Classics 3-Tier Expandable Bamboo Spice Rack Step Shelf Cabinet Organizer

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“Sags love experimenting with food and flavors,” says Stardust. To help your mom channel her inner Julia Child, give her a spice rack to display her favorite spices.


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

iPad Case Keyboard for 10.2

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Capricorn moms work hard and play hard. That’s why Stardust says, “Tech accessories for an iPad or computer is always a safe bet for the hard-working Capricorn mom.”


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

Polaroid Now Camera

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Rather than having your Aquarian mom use her phone to take Mother’s Day pictures, tap into her creative side by gifting her an instant Polaroid camera, suggests Stardust. She can use these images in her scrapbook to relive the memories over and over again.


Mother's day gift, based on zodiac sign

Wine Baggu Set of 3

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Pisces moms are romantic daydreamers who always love the latest trends. That’s why Stardust advises you buy a cute bag with romantic accents for your dreamy Pisces mama, which can also hold her favorite bottle of wine.