Motherhood Has Done Snooki A World of Good

Okay, Snooki! I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down. And I must say, I’m really glad to see that you’ve been doing less of the T-ing and more of the G-ing. I don’t know where L-ing falls into your new and improved GTL routine, but the leopard print is working for you, girl. Especially in comparison to that terrifyingly tan photo of you in the bottom left corner of the cover, which, at first glance, I actually thought was Bobby Moynihan’s (of SNL) character impression of you. It’s really great to be able to see past your raccoon eyes for once, and the red ringlets are a major upgrade from the skunk-streaked poof. I don’t care where you’re from or who you represent — Comparisons to raccoons and skunks are not cute. But Snooki, this quasi-natural, post-baby body you is totally cute! And I think it’s wonderful. There’s hope for you yet, young Meatball.

You know what I’ve always liked about you, Snooki? Despite your questionable pre-baby habits and excessive use of T-ing (and smushing)? Your honesty.

Snooki had this to say about Mommy and Daddy time after baby:

Totally. Pushing something out of there is probably the main thing preventing me from having a kid right now. And I don’t need a baby to feel too tired for sex, so I feel you on that one. Lets file these under “Things Teen Mom Never Told You.” Keep that fire burning, girl!

Featured image via Us Weekly