Mother Teresa was just made a saint and we’re all for it

Wow! Today in major big news, Mother Teresa just officially became a saint. It’s a pretty big deal considering that it tends to take years and years (and years and years) for people to enter sainthood, as it’s clearly something that takes a *lot* of deliberation. However, Pope Francis has the final say, and the pope says Mother Teresa is in.

The internet is pretty freakin’ excited.

Though not everyone is happy.

Some are critical of Mother Teresa as a figure of progress, saying instead that we need to leave room for critique, and that by allowing her to enter sainthood, we’re preventing critique from being heard.

Either way, read up!

Form your own opinion and decide what you think. It’s never to late to learn more history! After all, regardless of what we think, only Pope Francis has the power to decide.


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