Mother of Two Sons Creates The Perfect Daughter… On Pinterest

I was like, really into Pinterest for a week. Recipes! Clothes I’ll never be able to afford! Wedding decorations for whenever marriage happens! Crafty-crafts for whenever I develop patience as a virtue! Artsy pictures that I’ll stick in one place and never look at again!

I liked the idea of virtual “me” through a series of organized photos, but I also felt like it was just another way to distract myself from writing or going to the gym. Apparently I wasn’t using it the right way.

Tiffany Beveridge, a mother of two (sons) living in Philadelphia, made herself a daughter on Pinterest. Her imaginary daughter, Quinoa, is pretty much Suri Cruise‘s nemesis, from what I gather. She’s always impeccably dressed for every occasion, has friends named Chevron and Humboldt and endlessly style-able hair. Basically, she’s the epitome of the daughter Rachel Zoe wished she’d had.

Combining the appeal of Pinterest’s endless photo boards and her own sharp wit, Beveridge, an aspiring author, has created the story of Quinoa’s life with captions that will instantly become your new favorite thing.

A sampling:

“When Quinoa wants volume, she doesn’t just tease her hair, she relentlessly bullies it.”

“Everything went fine at Quinoa’s playdate with Booker until she realized that when he said he loved vinyl, he meant jackets not vintage records.”

“Quinoa doesn’t like it when Brad Goreski parks across the street from our house and furiously scribbles notes. She would like a little privacy, and to be a kid, please.”

(And by privacy, she of course means go there now and gawk.)

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