The most beautiful, intense mother-daughter reunion we’ve ever seen

Get ready, you guys, because this story is going to make you cry through ALL your tissues.

Forty-nine years ago Zella Jackson Price, then in her late 20’s, gave birth to a baby girl in a St. Louis hospital. Shortly after delivering, Price was told that her infant daughter had died and went home believing she had lost her child. BUT, in fact, her daughter was alive, and ended up being adopted to another family.

Zella’s daughter, Melanie David Gilmore, always wanted to meet her birth mother, and through a combination of internet hunting and DNA testing, Melanie’s children found Zella and confirmed that she was Melanie’s birth mother.

And so mother and daughter were finally reunited, at the ages of 76 and 49. They are, understandably, both beside themselves.

“I am just so happy…very excited,” Melanie told Fox News.

“(God) has given me everything the devil has taken from me,” Zella proclaimed. “I’m getting it back. I’m getting my baby back.”

An investigation will soon commence to figure out what happened the day Melanie was taken from her mother. At the moment, though, the family is focused on celebrating their reunion.

Below, a video of Zella and Melanie reunited after almost fifty years. Get that tissue box ready.

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