This is the most viewed Vevo video. We understand why.

Well, she’s finally done it: Taylor Swift has conquered the world. Not in like a “T. Swift 2016” kind of way, but in a much more millennial manner. Her music video for “Blank Space,” one of the best songs to dance and sing to, is officially the most viewed video on the Internet via Vevo. Yup. That’s right — officially.

How many views? Oh, you know. Just like 1 billion or so. And that’s not me being hyperbolic. Her video literally has been viewed 1,226,088,229 times (and counting, because I just added like 10 more views onto that bad boy in the past hour).

Now, as aesthetically pleasing as that video is, I do have a theory as to why it is so rabidly watched by fans. Remember when Tay took all of her songs off Spotify? Yes, a lot of people were like “Go Taylor, something something MUSIC POLITICS something something ARTIST RIGHTS” but I have a feeling that I was not alone in being like, okay, so, I, as an individual, am constantly broke, how do I listen to T.Swift for free? And the answer, obviously, was to just put all of her Youtube videos into a playlist and listen to that on repeat forever and ever.

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Sorry, Taylor. But also, not sorry, because now you’ve been crowned Queen of the Internet.

You know what? Let’s just watch it, all together, while holding hands and swaying and stomping and shrieking. Let’s help Tay reach 2 billion. And then onto 3 billion. And then, my friends, to the moon.