This map shows the most popular (or most hated) Easter candy in your state, and you’ll definitely want to take a *peep*

Now that Easter’s almost here, it’s practically impossible not to get tempted by all the candy that’s shown up in stores across the country. Reese’s eggs, Peeps, jelly beans… what more could you want? And now, we have some pretty interesting data to back up who’s munching on what and where. Thanks to Influenster, there’s now a map of the most-talked-about Easter candy in each state, and let’s just say that as a country, we all love our brands.

It’s important to keep in mind when you check out the map that the candy that represents each state doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the one the state loves or hates the most, just what people who live there are talking about the most often.

And according to the results, it seems like the most-talked-about Easter candy is the Cadbury egg.

It reigned supreme in nine states, including Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oklahoma, Hawaii, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington. In contrast, only one state is talking about mini Reese’s cups — Iowa. Who knew?!

And when it comes to Peeps, which may be the most polarizing Easter candy of all (since it has both diehard fans and people who won’t touch the marshmallows with a 10-foot pole), it’s surprisingly low on the buzzed-about list. Only five states keep it in conversation. Interesting…

If you’re curious to see where your state falls, here’s the map:

One thing’s for sure: Reese’s is a big deal in the United States. Six of the brand’s products made the map, which is pretty impressive. The white chocolate incarnations of their Easter faves aren’t their most talked about, but overall, it seems like they can expect to clean up when Easter rolls around.

It’s pretty cool to see what everyone’s talking about, and most of these candies are exactly what we expect to see in our Easter baskets this year. If you need us, you can find us in the Easter aisle at Target. We’re getting a little hungry.

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