And now we bring you: The most streamed song in all of Spotify history

Spotify released the name of the popular streaming service’s most stream song of all time today. And the winner might surprise you a little bit. It’s not One Direction, and it’s not Katy Perry (both snagged number one and two spots on Billboard’s Top 100 in 2014). It’s not Adele (whose video “Hello” was viewed 27.7 million times its first day). The winner is… *drum roll*

Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s indie single, “Lean On.”

The song, released in 2015, is No. 1 with 526M plays worldwide, according to The Guardian. While it wasn’t a No. 1 hit on any charts in the U.S. or UK, it did climb near the top. Surprisingly, the song was turned down by both Rihanna and Nicki Minaj before Major Lazer recorded it themselves.

“We wrote this song with [Danish singer] MØ very early from an instrumental Jr Blender created in some sessions in Trinidad. It was a strong hook. Very big to me but the production was lacking an attitude we needed,” Diplo told The Guardian in an interview earlier in 2015. “A year later I remixed the song at a completely different tempo and asked DJ Snake for a signature post chorus. After he did his thing me, MØ and Blender rewrote the song at the new tempo in Las Vegas and made something very unique that became our album’s lead-off single. We’re super proud of this song.”

As well they should be! The track bested the former record holder, Ed Sheeran, and his single “Thinking Out Loud.” Dance music wins over slow tracks…for now!

And if you haven’t heard “Lean On” yet, what are you waiting for? Take a listen below and get ready to dance.

(Image via Shutterstock)