The most-searched Halloween costumes of 2017 are surprisingly traditional

OMG (Oh My Ghoul), Halloween is almost here! Even if the temperature outside doesn’t reflect the change in seasons, it is, in fact, fall, which means it’s time to get cracking on that 2017 Halloween costume. This year, Polyvore has tracked the most-searched-for costumes, and its data reveals exactly what fall is best known for: being basic.

Yes, there’s a reason why pumpkin spice lattes and Disney princess Halloween costumes are facets of fall — because these things are awesome! The Polyvore data reveals that Halloween costumes that are most searched for aren’t necessarily super-creative Etsy-inspired costumes, but they’re actually ones that we grew up seeing — and that’s probably because they’re great.

Rejoice, because being a basic witch will never go out of style.

In fact, “witch” costume searches were the second most popular of 2017, according to Polyvore’s data. Is anyone surprised?

Following witch costumes was another traditional look: “fairy” costumes

We probably have Tinker Bell to thank for that.

Who doesn’t want to strap on some magical, glittery wings for the night?!

Fifth on the list of most-searched-for costumes is “bunny,” and is anything more traditional than that?

A certain Mean Girl immediately comes to  mind.

Not to be confused with a mouse, duh!

“Mermaid” also made it into the top 10.

Though this one is actually more difficult to execute than the others.

“Devil” and “French maid” costumes were also included in the top 20 most common costume searches.

These are all just so traditional! Who hasn’t been a devil at one point in their life?

There were plenty of trendy, pop-culture searches on Polyvore’s list too, so don’t be surprised by all of the cosplaying you see this year.

Harley Quinn is the number one most-searched Halloween costume this year, as it also was last year, according to Polyvore’s rep. This makes sense, too, because it is such a fun costume.

The other character-inspired searches include Marvel’s Gamora, the Corpse Bride, and, unsurprisingly, Wonder Woman.

The entire ordered list of most-searched costumes from this year — per Polyvore — is:

  1. Harley Quinn
  2. Witch
  3. Fairy
  4. Evil Queen
  5. Bunny
  6. Gamora
  7. White Queen
  8. Wonder Woman
  9. Mermaid
  10. Corpse Bride
  11. Alien
  12. Pirate
  13. Bar Wench
  14. Harry Potter
  15. Devil
  16. French Maid
  17. Little Red Riding Hood
  18. Maleficent
  19. Poison Ivy

Really, the most surprising search is “bar wench,” so if you were hoping your bar wench costume was going to set you apart from everyone else, you might want to re-think your costume. Just don’t try to out-do Heidi Klum, because she is not going to let that happen.

The rest of the most-searched Halloween costumes don’t seem too surprising, but they are all wonderful. What an exciting time of year.

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