And the most searched-for cookies in each state are… *drumroll*

The holiday season means different things to everyone, but one thing is the same across the board: it’s cookie time.

Whether you’re making them for a holiday party, to share with friends, or simply for yourself, nothing beats a fresh batch of cookies. As you start your cookie prep with all the ingredients you need, have you ever stopped to think about what might be the most popular cookie out there? It’s, duh, chocolate chip. But going state by state, you’ll learn that while the CC takes the top spot, there’s a ton of variety as to what each state likes the SECOND most, and what’s the most searched.

The baking site,, teamed up with Today to compile a list of the most-searched cookie recipe in each state. While not the most popular, this is the recipe that comes up most frequently in searches. A lot of the cookies are based on region and ethnicity population, too, which makes sense. And then there’s Alaska where the most popular search is for coconut cookies, and PRETTY SURE coconuts aren’t native there. But you do you, Alaska.

As for the states where it does make sense: Georgia’s favorite cookies is Butter Pecan Cookies, New Jersey loves Ricotta Cookies, Texas can’t live without their Mexican Wedding Cookies, and Vermont is big into Maple Cookies. Ohio’s favorite cookie aligns the Ohio State mascot, Buckeyes. And now I’m looking to move to Indiana, where the most popular cookie is Chocolate Fudge.

Also New York’s favorite cookie is a Rainbow Cookie. I LOVE THAT.

You can check out the full list over at to see where your state’s favorite cookie search falls. Now go forth, and bake.

Image via Shutterstock, Flickr, Flickr