The most searched beauty trend of 2015 will totally surprise you

We’ve all had those moments where, out of sheer curiosity, we’ve turned to Google for beauty wisdom. Maybe we’ve asked, “What is contouring?” because we’re still not completely sure.  Or maybe we’ve typed in: “Adele’s smokey eye: how do I make that happen on my face?” (Hey, there’s nothing wrong with polling the hive mind for answers great and small.)

In the moment, these searches may seem private and personal. But, Google does keep track of all of our questions and they’ve used them to create this year’s beauty trends report—based on all of our weird late night searches. And what have we been searching for the most?

According to Google, the MAN BUN reigned supreme as one of the most searched for beauty terms of the year. “2015 is the first year that there has been more interest in men’s hair than women’s hair on Google (by around 6%),” Google states. Research agency ESP Trendlab’s CEO/founder Ellen Sideri adds, “It’s like waking a sleeping giant.”

So, what exactly are guys searching when they’re looking to obtain the glorious man bun? Google revealed that the Top 2 queries are: “how to grow a man bun” and “how to tie a man bun.” In other words, guys are really paying attention to this man bun business, which is actually pretty awesome. And it’s no surprise.

Between all the celebrities —real and imagined—rocking man buns and all the Instagrams devoted to celebrating them (Man Buns of Disneyland, anyone?), the hairstyle has become kind of a thing. But be warned: there are great consequences to great beauty, and we learned earlier all about the side effects of wearing a too-tight man bun.

As for #2 on Google’s most searched for list, it’s… the comb-over. Although, Google is quick to note that this style is “more Don Draper than Donald Trump.”

All we have to say is this: all hail the illustrious man bun.

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