One of the most searched beauty products of the year will surprise you

Every year, people get more and more inventive with the way they style, embellish, and decorate their bodies. From hair art to tattoos to make-up, people are always looking for the next big trend in beauty, and one way to find it is to turn to Google. The search engine released their top searches for the year of 2015, and among categories like song lyrics, symptoms, and memes, the beauty category stuck out because of one somewhat surprising search.

Of course, there were your more basic searches, like “how to do a french braid” and “how to get glowing skin,” and more trending topics, like “how to do the Kylie Jenner lip challenge.” However, there was one question that we’re certain hadn’t been Googled much before, and definitely sums up 2015 in a simple but accurate way: “how to use beard balm.”

Yes, men’s beauty certainly had its time in the spotlight this year, with things like beards and man-buns coming into vogue. It’s only natural that cosmetic companies would jump to create products to accompany these trends, and beard balm was a big one.

If you’re not familiar, beard balm is pretty much just like any other mousse or serum. It’s a combination of wax, oils, and butters used to shape and maintain all that hair, and is a good way of adding a finishing when guys are sprucing up for a big occasion, or just want to look as put together as possible when they go write their novel in a coffee shop, or jam out on the bass guitar (you know, things that people with beards do).

To apply it? Well, most results say the same thing: get a dollop of the waxy substance on your fingers, no more than a half-teaspoon, rub your fingers together, and then massage the product through the beard and into the skin. If you have a short beard, start at your sideburns, maintaining those wisps and shaping any strays. If your beard is longer, start at the bottom to get the hair on the neck before following the same step as above.

It’s super simple, but it makes a world of difference. Getting your hand caught in one of those beards? Well, that’s a different story.

(Image via Shutterstock)