The 12 most real tweets about #Blizzard2016

For those of us who live on the west coast (what what!), we must rely on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the blizzard that rocked the east coast this weekend. Luckily for us, even burrowed away in their homes these brave souls haven’t lost their sense of humor (or sense of irony). Below are a list of some of some of the funniest, sweetest, or just plain jaw-dropping tweets about #Blizzard2016.

The truth is out there: Photos of the blizzard — from space!

Talk about a unique perspective: Astronaut Scott Kelly, who is spending a year on the International Space Station, shared the following photograph of what the blizzard looks like from space. I’d say “drops the mic,” only there’s no gravity for that really cathartic “boom” noise the mike makes when it hits the ground.

Only in New Jersey…

Enough said.

Life finds a way.

Just when I think nature can’t get any cooler… 

Fast Forward

This time lapse video of the snow piling up in Virginia is jaw-dropping.

Rubbing it in

Suddenly, the folks in NY and DC understand Sheldon Cooper’s hatred for Wil Wheaton:

The joy of children

I’m not sure if this makes me want kids of my own… or to just spend all that future child-rearing money on travel (to places without snow):

You can’t stop love

This couple took their engagement pictures in the blizzard. Coolest (pun! get it?) couple ever:


We might hate the snow, but Tian Tian sure enjoys it!

Referential Humor

Television critic James Poniewozik owned it with this Game of Thrones reference. Way to mix work and play, dude.

Keeping It Real

This girl gets it.

Ghost Town

Well, this is downright creepy. I feel like this would be an opening scene from a remake of 28 Days Later.


Because, come on. Awwwwwwwwww who’s a good boy?

(Image via Twitter)

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