We now know the most popular ~scary~ movie, and we’re not at all surprised

‘Tis the season for scary movies! With Halloween fast approaching, there’s no better time to marathon films of the spine-tingling variety. Whether you like them as horrifying as possible, love campy gore, would rather have a psychological thriller than straight horror, or prefer goosebump-garnering films of the not-so-scary variety, there’s always a movie or ten to satisfy your seasonal craving.

Now, thanks to Influenster, we also know America’s most popular scary movie: and, tbh, the answer is super obvious. Our beloved Hocus Pocus takes the top spot, and our response is basically a resounding, “YAAAAAS.”


It’s no secret that we love Hocus Pocus: we need all the fangirl merchandise there is; we want a sequel; and we think it’s great that it’s super festive for Halloween but not super scary.

Hocus Pocus got the largest number of votes in Influenster’s poll overall. It actually also won in 12 individual states – and the following infographic reveals each state’s most popular scary movie. They range from older films like Jaws and Carrie to much more recent fare like 2013’s The Conjuring (which, btw, took the second-place slot in total number of votes, and was the favorite in eight states).


Some of the films are more gruesome, like Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which was the favorite scary movie of Texas, obvs.), but others, like The Sixth Sense and Paranormal Activity are scary due to the tension they build.

Regardless, it’s super interesting to see what movie your state chose. For example, New York’s most popular scary movie is Final Destination, which is kind of a surprising choice. And if you’re someone who loves all types of scary flicks, may we suggest an eclectic binge of all the state favorites?

Whatever your personal favorite scary movie is, Influenster told us something we already knew: That Hocus Pocus truly reigns supreme.

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