This will be the most popular pizza recipe on Pinterest, and we totally understand why

Ever heard of naan pizza? You should have, because it was this year’s most-pinned pizza trend on Pinterest.

Pizza, understandably, might just be the worlds most universally-well-liked food. Who doesn’t love pizza? But making it from scratch from home can be time consuming, and delivery pizza lacks a certain gourmet flair, if you know what I mean.

Enter: Naan pizza, also known as flatbread pizza.

Naan, for those unfamiliar, is a delicious flatbread used in South and Central Asian cuisine. Because you’re utilizing already-made naan instead of pizza dough, a naan pizza can be whipped up in minutes and customized to fit any taste. Just take a piece of naan, spread on your sauce of choice, top with your favorite meats, veggies, and cheeses, and pop it in the oven. Ta-da! It really is that simple.

This tomato, mozzarella, and arugula naan pizza is the freshest thing we’ve ever seen.

Keep things classic with this fresh, easy Margherita pizza.

This spinach and goat cheese version is a great, decadent choice for vegetarians.

Breakfast pizza? We’re on board.

This Tandoori chicken naan pizza honor’s naan’s place of origin.

A grilled chicken and avocado version is a fresh California take on the dish.

Blueberry, feta, honey, and carmelized onion naan pizza will satisfy the foodiest foodie you know.

Now get cooking! This pizza isn’t going to make itself!

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