The most popular Netflix show in the world has been revealed, and it might surprise you

Everybody loves a good night of binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows. But which shows, exactly, are the most popular choices for your average “Netflix and chill” night? Well, thanks to a study from, we now know the most popular Netflix show in the world.

The site aggregated Google Trends search data to figure out both the most popular shows per country, and the most popular shows worldwide.

And it turns out that the BBC’s Sherlock is the most popular show on Netflix.

It only seems fitting that the mystery of the famous Netflix show is answered by one of the most infamous detectives ever.

Benedict Cumberbatch completely embodies the legendary detective. And his growing international fame likely helps the show remain popular. TBH, who wouldn’t want to see Doctor Strange solving every day mysteries with his signature wit and charm?

The data also ranked the top five most popular shows in the world. Sherlock is, of course, number one. But it’s closely followed (in order) by Friends, Narcos, House of Cards, and New Girl.

And it has to be good news for Netflix that two of the streaming service’s original shows, Narcos and House of Cards, are among the top five most popular on the planet.

With 70.5 million subscribers worldwide, that’s tons of people with a lot of choices for great content.

Even though Sherlock Holmes is British, Sherlock wasn’t the most popular show to stream in the U.K. That honor belongs to Call the Midwife.

And, despite our love for all things Benedict Cumberbatch, Shameless is actually the most popular Netflix show in the United States.

The site lists the most popular shows in 91 countries. And if you thought Sherlock‘s overall popularity was surprising, you’ll be even more shocked by other favorites. After all, who knew Bulgaria was such a fan of Scrubs?

The data also suggests that Netflix will have approximately 75 million subscribers by 2020. Though we don’t know what will be popular in the future, we can certainly guess we’ll have even more excellent entertainment options.

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