Unless you want to be one of 12 Harley Quinns at your Halloween party, maybe skip on these most-popular costumes

We know how fun it is to have your Halloween costume be the fangirl darling of the moment. As we watch our favorite characters kick butt and take names on the big and small screens, we think, “Oh man, I wish I could dress up like you [fill-in-the-blank character’s name] every day, but since it wouldn’t be super socially acceptable to rock a costume on the regular, I’ll just wait ’til Halloween to get my cosplay on.”

Just FYI though, a LOT of people are thinking the same exact thing you are, and as a result there are going to be a ton of costumes based on this year’s most popular properties.

As Fortune reports, with excitement building for Star Wars: The Force Awakens this December, we’re going to see a ton of Star Wars universe characters — Google trends shows the most searches for Princess Leia, Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Yoda, and ewoks. Star Wars is also a major player in the dog Halloween costume game. Tons of our furry friends will be running around as Yodas, Chewbaccas, and ewoks (We really want to see an entire human-dog family dressed up as ewoks, though would this literally be too cute to handle? We’ll never know unless someone tries.)

Also, comic book fans, heads up, with Suicide Squad just around the corner, there are going to be a BUNCH of Harley Quinns. In fact, the asylum doctor turned super villain is currently the most searched costume on Google, according to Google Trends (Batman is number 5, with Star Wars, Superhero, and Pirate ranking in at number 2, 3, and 4).

Apparently everyone is still psyched about Age of Ultron and getting pumped for Captain America: Civil War, because there are a lot of people who are dressing up as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch this Halloween, she’s one of the top 5 trending  costumes. The characters of Mal and Evie, the daughters of Maleficent and the Evil Queen from Disney Channel original movie Descendants rank in at number 2 and 3, and the top trending costume is (brace yourselves) Donald Trump.

The most searched couples costumes actually aren’t as of-the-moment trendy, but they nevertheless sound all kinds of awesome. Get ready to see a lot of Bonnie and Clydes, Beetlejuice couples (we think this means Beetlejuice and Lydia? But major throwback points if you go as Charles and Delia Deetz), Batman couple costumes (Again, this could be Batman/Robin, Batman/Catwoman, or dare we hope, Batman/Alfred), superhero couple costumes, and pirate couple costumes.

So now you know which costumes are going to be bananas-popular, and if you’re still super-committed to that Princess Leia costume, that’s great! Wear with pride, you do you, make sure to take a pic with the other 6 Leias at the party, that’s going to get you ALL the likes on Instagram.


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