Here are the most popular Halloween costumes in each state — is your costume one of them?

Halloween is right around the corner, and the holiday countdown has many procrastinators scrambling to find the best last-minute costume options. Even last-minute costumers want to avoid looking like everyone else. Thankfully, Frightgeist has compiled a map with the most popular Halloween costumes, narrowed down by state. Thanks, technology!

The map, as Seventeen writes, breaks down the costumes and ranks them by state or national popularity for viewers. If utilized right, this can seriously narrow down the likelihood of running into someone else in your creative costume at a party.

This year, Harley Quinn dominates the costume scene, with the comic character ranked the most popular pick for the East Coast (with the exception of Maine and Salisbury, MD) and beyond.

In fact, the notorious villainess is the most popular costume nationally -- so be on the lookout for her from the East to the West Coast, and everywhere in between.

But for Colorado residents not dressing up like Harley Quinn, the top pick is Princess, while Alaska has a three-way tie between clowns, pirates, and Batman. And, of course, Montana is expected to go their own unique route, with “Gumball Machine” and “Witch” topping the list.


Check out Frightgeist yourself and see if your Halloween get-up is on the list of most popular costumes this year.

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